amafreezone is about you, the people
connecting with the world for FREE.

our users enjoy free uncapped wifi

amafreezone’s wifi network provides all South Africans with equal access to free,
uncapped and secure internet and data services. With no hidden data costs and usage
limits, save mobile data and use our services for:

Use our network to study online
and follow your feeds from any
of our hotspots.


Use amafreezone to search and
apply for jobs online.

Social Media

Stay connected with family
and friends without the fear of huge
data bills.


Surf the web, read your e-mails,
play games, download or stream
your favourite music, shows,
podcasts or listen to the local
radio station online.

Online Shopping

You can securely conduct your
online shopping experience with
amafreezone. From paying bills
to buying clothing, you can
enjoy the comfort of being
able to purchase anything,

And More!

Stay connected to
amafreezone and enjoy all these
services and more!

how to connect?

Check out your available
wifi networks and select

Open your internet
browser and type amafreezone.co.za

Fill in your cell number &
agree to our t’s & c’s

You are now connected!
Enjoy your Free Internet

Know a great spot?

Where would you like to see amafreezone next?

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