Our wifi advertising platform
offers high-impact interactions
for your brand.

connect with your audience
through ama

Amafreezone’s wifi ad network delivers a unique way for mobile marketers to engage
with consumers on the go. We offer text and display advertising opportunities in high-traffic public spaces.
We also offer surveys, market analytics and consumer insights. These include demographic, psycho-
graphic and geographic analytics.

increase in in-store sales
higher word ad Click
through-rate than Google
average lead-to-sale
monthly impression potentials
higher display ad Click
through-rate than Google
monthly customer visits

wifi adverts

Once online, users are served several types
of ads, each contextualised and relevant
to them personally in accordance with
amafreezone targeting metrics.

These include a combination of
interstitial and injected advertising that
are inserted into the browsing session
every five minutes.



Allows you to direct web traffic from your
portal to your affiliated companies or

user surveys

Single question with multiple answers,
served on splash pages.

Surveys are seen by everyone, each time
they connect to the wifi, allowing brands
to harvest vital consumer data and draw
insights on market-share, communication
objectives and for research and
development purposes.


hot leads

Rich media banner advertising:

Call-to-action, with click to receive call

This creates direct sales opportunities.
Potential customers can request follow up
calls for more information and sales
application. The lead is sent in real-time
so a representative can get in contact while
the potential customer is still

The conversion rate on these leads is
almost triple that of other channels.

market reports

We provide valuable marketing reports to businesses that want to understand audiences and markets better. Our audience analytics allows for deep understanding of consumer characteristics per region or nationally. Use these reports to make informed decision on store placements and targeted marketing campaigns, whether through digital, television and print channels.



Delivering quality, measurable and trackable ads is where the power of our solution sits. The network is supported by a strong back-end algorithm which allows advertising to be hyper-targeted.












All advertising campaigns include campaign reporting and engagement analytics for a measurable return on your investment.

We provide granular campaign reporting that offers the greatest insight on wifi users and they respond to your content. The insights that we provide on campaign performance include:

  • Total impressions over time
  • Total clicks
  • Click through rate
  • Age and gender of audience
  • LSM

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  • Thanks to Candice Henderson, and the team at AmaFreeZone, for organising an online advert for Avonmore Superspar. My digital marketing team have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the results. As we are based in Morningside, we were unsure how successful the advert would be as it was based in Umhlanga. We received a 1.7% click through rate, which is incredibly impressive. We found the whole process very efficient and stress-free for our team at Avonmore Superspar. Our Facebook fans grew by 56 over the month from 7 December 2015 – 17 January 2016, and were mostly males. Most of our clicks on the advert were from males, which is interesting because we usually focus our posts on females; as our customers are predominantly females. Thanks for the experience, we would definitely be interested in running another advert in the future.

    Avonmore Superspar
  • Dealing with AmaFreeZone was an absolute breeze. They are professional and efficient. They were also extremely helpful with advice on marketing strategies and the layout of our advert. We were pleasantly surprised by the feedback from the advert, and look forward to a continuing relationship going forward.

    Jane Weare
  • Firstly thank you for your excellent service and the opportunity of using your AmaFreeZone. Thank you to AmaFreeZone for organising Vegas Signs an Online Advert. We were very excited to create brand awareness and AmaFreeZone over excelled in doing this for us. We received 755 impressions and an impressive click through rate of 1.2% We were also surprised to see that males between the age of 18-25 were clicking through to our website.

    Vegas Signs

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