amafreezone & partner networks are open
access wifi hotspot found in over 1000
locations nationwide and is growing


so what is amafreezone?


amafreezone & partner networks are open
access Wi-Fi networks that provide South
Africans with free access to uncapped and
secure internet & data services in public
spaces. Located in dozens of taxi ranks,
malls and other establishments, the
amafreezone and partner networks are used
by millions of people monthly,
providing a captive audience for your brands.

These platforms provide brands with a
powerful channel to reach a diverse and, in
many instances, unreachable market, in a
very targeted and personal manner.

Welcome to South Africa’s most innovative
and disruptive open access Wi-Fi networks –
amafreezone & partner networks.


why amafreezone?

Connection with consumers is becoming
increasingly challenging for brands.
Consumers are increasingly fragmented,
lifestyles are more demanding and
technology is allowing communication to be
dispersed in a myriad of ways.

The convergence of free open access wifi in
public spaces with South Africa’s needs for
greater internet accessibility, presents a great
opportunity for marketers.

Through amafreezone & partner networks,
brands have the opportunity to connect with
consumers at a relevant time through our
open access network on a mobile first front.

our mission

We believe that internet access should be
free and accessible to all South Africans,
as it opens opportunity for employment,
further empowering our people.

amafreezone connects South Africans to
the world. It also links them to businesses
and products that they need most.


our team

amafreezone is brought to you by Wi-Fire
and the The Blake Group, a group of
companies with experts in technology,
user experience, data services and

connect with us